Canning pears has been a long standing tradition on our kitchen.  Grandma Ella canned them, mom canned them and my sisters and I carried on the legacy.


Pears are always pick green so you have to let them ripen before you can put them up.  To get them to ripen all at one time,  place your pears in a cool area and cover them with a blanket.   They should ripen in a couple of days and ripen evenly.

My mom is the one who perfected the canned pear recipe.  I know… how can you perfect canning pears?  We’ll there’s a couple of little secret that made all the difference in the world… to the taste and the look of the pears in the canning jars.

Mom used the Cold Pack Method For Canning Peaches and Pears and used a light sugar addition.

Secret 1.  She never… and I mean never… scalded the pears or peaches in order to remove the skins.  It turns the fruit dark immediately.   The peach skins were removed by pulling the skins from the fruit or peeling them.  Pears were always peeled with a paring knife.  I upgraded to a potato peeler… so much easier.

Secret 2.  She followed the light sugar addition…  but added 1/3 C. of pineapple juice to the bottom of the jar with the sugar and water.  Waaa Laaa. Beautiful pears that always stayed white… and they tasted great.  We loved drinking the pear juice.

Happy Canning and Preserving

Kathy Griffiths – Insightful Nana