Dill pickle canning season is from the August first until the middle of September.   Dill pickles are the first memory I have of my Grandma Ella canning food.  She was standing in the kitchen putting grape leaves and a clove a garlic in the bottom of a canning  jar.  It was the grape leaves that got my attention.


Canning dill pickles passed my momma by but it became a yearly tradition in my own home.  I never went a year without canning Cucumber Dill Pickles.

Sour pickles are my kids and grands favorite.  It’s a really toss up between dills and homemade sweet pickles for me.

Rather than explain the entire canning procedure and dill pickle canning recipe here… I want you to click on to my sister site… Insightful Nana where the entire dill pickle canning method is presented in detail.

My grand kids love to pull a whole dill pickle from the jar and eat it wrapped in a paper towel.  For Sunday dinner, I dress up the dill pickles by placing them in fancy relish dishes.  I have antique relish dishes that I love to show off.

Try canning dill pickles… they are sooo easy and great to serve for the first time at Thanksgiving.

Happy Canning And Preserving!

Kathy Griffiths – Insightful Nana

P.S.  Having genuine dill pickles to serve your guests will impress them.  They may remember old times when their grandma served up sour pickles to them.