Freezing foods can add to your canning and preserving of your food storage. However, frozen food storage doesn’t have as much longevity as bottled or canned food does.

frozenmixedfruitFreezing food for short term storage is an excellent way to have foods that are out of season on your table. However, for frozen food safety, it is best to use your frozen food within a 6 to 9 month period of time, depending upon the food.

Enzymes are naturally present in all animal and plant food. These enzymes help the food to grow and mature. After awhile, they promote deterioration in food.

Refrigeration slows down the deterioration. Freezing foods slows the enzyme activity even more but doesn’t stop it all together… unless you apply one of two methods.

  • Blanching (food placed in fast boiling water) will inactivate certain enzymes.
  • Add ascorbic acid to some foods such as fruit.  It will neutralize enzymes and make the food safe to freeze.

However, over time, food quality diminishes. Frozen food that has been preserved in the freezer for a long time should be check for quality. Check the color and smell of the product before you use it. If there is too much discoloration, frost bite, or an unsavory smell, it is best to discard it. It’s always wise to keep frozen food safety in mind.

I’m famous for loosing frozen food at the back of the freezer and having to throw it away.  The last time I cleaned out my freezer I organized it a bit better… all meat on one shelf… all fruit on another, etc.  Putting the ice cream in the same location every time has helped.  I’m not rummaging around trying to find it…. therefore, I don’t keep the freezer door open as long.

Remember, freezing foods can add to your food storage for a short period of time.  Frozen Food Storage should never be depended upon for long term canning and preserving.

Happy Canning and Preserving!

Kathy Griffiths – Insightful Nana