My steam juicer is one of the best pieces of home canning equipment I have.  It’s so easy to use and produces the best food products.  A Steam juicer will extract the natural juice of grapes, berries and other high liquid fruits with the power of steam.  Yes… just steam.

steam canner

The juicer is divided into 3 parts.  You boil water in the bottom container, the steam rises to the top part or food basket, where the juice is released from from the fruit.  The natural concentrated fruit juice drips into the center container where it is extracted through a heat-resistant tube.  Use the concentrated for juice, jam and jelly.

There are a couple of safety factors to keep in mind with steam juicers.

1.  Steam is extremely hot. Take caution.  You might want to consider wearing heat resistant gloves.  I never have… but it may be a wise move for me to make.

2.  Don’t leave your steam juicer unattended.  Close supervision is necessary, especially if you have young children around.

3. Never let the bottom pan run dry of water.  It will warp or melt.

4.  When removing the lid from the juicer,  tip the lid away from you so the steam won’t burn your hands or rush into your face.  Just a good common sense cooking rule.

Each canning year, before you use your steam juicer, check it for any damage.  Make sure it’s clean along with your other pieces of canning equipment.  Pay special attention to hard to reach places like the drain tube.

You will find this method of extracting juice from fruit and berries to be so easy.  However, it’s not recommended for tomato juice.  Even though tomatoes are considered a fruit, I put them in the veggie category for canning and preserving.

Happy Canning and Preserving

Kathy – Insightful Nana

P.S.  Just after the first frost, and I know the grapes have been sweetened by the frost, my steam juicer comes out of its box… one of the best pieces of canning equipment I own.  I can hear my mom say, “The grapes are ready.”